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Planting Rings by WaterRounds produce larger and healthier shrubs, trees, and vegetables by funneling water to the deep root zone where plants need it most.

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WaterRounds will be available spring 2020 on Amazon.

    • Makes Watering Quick

      The non-eroding watering basin allows water to slowly penetrate the soil. Plants and trees can be watered quickly with no dirt berm erosion or wasteful runoff.

    • Makes Watering Easy

      The planting ring is simple to install. The durable teeth cut easily into the soil and the tapered side wall and interior v-groove hold the basin securely in place.

    • Makes Watering Effective

      Planting rings produce larger, healthier shrubs, trees, and vegetables because water is funneled to the deep root zone.

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    Trees and shrubs thrive with the Planting Ring. Beautify your garden with the perfect round border. Planting Rings make watering effective and easy.

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    Make vertical gardening easy with the VegSTABLE. Your vegetables will grow up without falling over. Our product can even support a bowling ball!

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    Still not convinced? See what others are saying...


    Love this product! Perfect for new trees needing deep watering once a week for the first year. Simple to install and great value for the money!



    Just want to say thank you very much for inventing these planting rings! We have a slight angle to our back yard and these will be so perfect for keeping the water where I need it to be — around the trees! I am totally tired of fighting the water runoff, even though the slope is not super noticeable. This will make my life much easier and put my mind at ease knowing that our trees are being watered properly.


    K9 Lover

    I love these planting rings. I purchased 5 of the 24″ for my Hibiscus flowers. I needed something that would hold water on a slanted ground, and also keep the new gravel out. They were easy to install, and they look great in my garden too. Im getting ready to purchase the 15″ for my Rose bushes out front. I would highly recommend these!

    K9 Lover


    Heavy duty and durable. I like how simply I can place then around trees and start saving on water wastage!



    Easy to use and works great – saved several shrubs from extinction!


    About WaterRounds and Our Products

    WaterRounds was founded in 2008 and all of our products are made in the USA...specifically Southern California. Our team has been working for over 30 years in plastic manufacturing.

    Our products are designed to make watering quick, easy, and effective. They are even manufactured in the United States using 100% recycled materials. We will save you time and water, and our products will help yield superior results and growth!

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    Every Drop Counts

    WaterRounds Products Save Water

    1 billion people lack access to safe, clean, drinking water. In developing countries, a child dies every 21 seconds from water related illness.

    In one day, women in developing countries spend 200 million hours collecting water for their families. Although there is enough clean water on the planet for every single person, it is unevenly distributed and too much of it is wasted. By using a Planting Ring or VegSTABLE, you can be a small part of the solution.

    Landscaping accounts for 50% of residential water usage and most of that water never makes it to the plants and trees that need it most.

    Wasteful water runoff, hillside erosion, and improperly installed irrigation systems contribute to the growing problem. Planting Rings eliminate surface evaporation and funnel water to the deep root zone where it is most useful to the plants and trees. By purchasing our product for your garden, you are doing your part.