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We make watering quick, easy, and effective.

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Planting Rings are non-eroding basins that funnel water and nutrients to the deep root zone of the plant by eliminating wasteful runoff. Water and nutrients are directed where they are most useful. You will get more growth with less water.

Planting rings are easy to install and accommodate 5-15 gallon trees and plants. Our Planting Rings function as a measuring cup that funnels water where it needs to go. Our products will save you time, water, and yield superior growth.

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VegSTABLE Product

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and herbs
  • Replaces dirt berms for deep, effective watering
  • Maximizes water usage
  • Promotes larger, healthier plants and root systems
  • Saves water by eliminating wasteful runoff
  • Prevents hillside erosion
  • Limits invasive weed growth
  • Easy to install

About WaterRounds and Our Products

WaterRounds was founded in 2008 and all of our products are made in the USA...specifically Southern California. Our team has been working for over 30 years in plastic manufacturing.

Our products are designed to make watering quick, easy, and effective. They are even manufactured in the United States using 100% recycled materials. We will save you time and water, and our products will help yield superior results and growth!

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