24" Planting Ring

Attractive, round border that
stays firmly in place.

Opens and closes for easy installation
around new and existing trees and bushes.

Replaces dirt berms, prevents hillside
erosion and limits invasive weed growth.

Holds 5 gallons of water for quick
and effective watering.

Can be removed once a newly planted tree is
thriving or left in place as a defining landscape border.

16" Planting Ring

A solid, round border that is perfect for use
around rose bushes and shrubs.

Holds 2 gallons of water for quick
and easy watering.

Keeps bark, rock and weeds safely
away from delicate plants.

Pre-formed, round border never
loses its shape. 



Makes vertical gardening easy by securely
anchoring cages to our water retaining rings.

Installation is simple with a
household screwdriver. 

Holds 2 gallons of water for
quick and easy watering.

Patented, interior V-groove and tapered
edge holds the VegSTABLE
securely in place.

Vegetables grow up,
without falling over.

Independent tests show that
vegetables planted with a VegSTABLE
yield 30% more growth than
planting with dirt berms.

Deep root watering creates healthier
root systems while using less water.

Eliminate the need for stakes or ties.
Your cages will NOT fall over.